I help you show your ideal clients exactly why they need you.

Every single word on your website, in your emails, social media posts, and blog posts should strategically speak to your ideal client. My job is to help you identify and use your unique brand voice so all of your copy does just that. I'm essentially a word chameleon. I specialize in writing copy that sounds distinctly like you.

Not exactly sure what your brand should sound like? Grab my free brand voice guide that will walk you through the super important process of identifying your unique brand voice! (Seriously, just click here to download it.)


You have a distinct skill set and value. I create the word magic that ignites your ideal client and assures them that you can solve their unique problems. When you trust me with your words, your potential clients will know they simply can't do it without you.

So how do you know if you need me?

You're a new business owner

Building a business from the ground up? Get it, girl! 

But don't get it alone. 

I'll help develop your brand voice, craft a killer website, and get all your words in tip-top shape. 

You're ready to grow

Been in business for a bit but feeling stuck? I'll rework your website copy to speak directly to your ideal client, create an ebook that showcases your expertise, or write emails that your audience can't help but open.

You're ready to launch

Have an established business and gearing up to launch a fab new product or service? I'll craft a freebie that will get your ideal clients super pumped for your launch or craft targeted social media posts that build excitement.

You're feeling lost

Ready to make a change but unsure of how to get started? The right words make the trickiest changes a breeze! I'll help you articulate your vision and craft an updated website or custom emails to announce your new changes.

If you're in the position I was in and struggling to find the right words, Emily is your go-to girl.


-Kami Land, Kami Land Design

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